Analog oil pressure sensor, graphical tachometer

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Analog oil pressure sensor, graphical tachometer

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Has anyone considered writing an object for an oil pressure sensor? This can be useful information. Watching oil pressure decrease over time will tell you when your oil has lost viscosity and should be changed.

Also, has anyone looked into writing an object for a graphical tachometer in a bar graph format? Similar to a trailtech vapor?


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Hi Spencerh,

oilpressure has been a point for me some years ago. But there is no easy to use standard oil pressure sensor for all kind of bikes.

I formerly used a Bosch pressure sensor (mechanical) at my BMW R100GS, which perished over about 4 years, so it is inadvisable. I bought combined elctronic Temp/Pressure Sensor (5V) from as a DaimlerBenz replacement part. It can directly be connected to the SIxO at the AD-Converter. But I still do not have practical mechanical adaptor until now.

A graphical display object is not yet realized - as far as I know. I could be a really nice display, but please keep in mind, that the graphical display is 128x64. So it's nearly impossible to create such a well-designed solution like your sample (which uses a customer specific glass).

Anyhow, we would acclaim your effort to create such an object: Arnold generated a graphical solution for a SIxO compass sensor with a floating compassbar. The uController performance is good enough to keep such a graphic in action.