System for pre-ordering of pharmacy articles


Conception and development of a mobile system for pre-ordering of articles/medicine in pharmacies.


  • Mobile app
  • the app should be as easy to use as possible
  • maximum data security
  • no installation and maintenance at the connected pharmacies
  • easy workflow integration in the pharmacies
  • support means for further inquiry of the pharmacies


  • Client/Server (App/Cloud) concept
  • support for iOS and Android platforms
  • dedicated cloud server with REST interface and management backend
  • sophisticated security concept with transparent authentication, certificate pinning etc.



  • native code for both platforms
  • order creation via text, image or audio message
  • Chat functionality to allow further inquiry/discussion
  • pharmacy related customization of the app (logo, imprint, etc.)
  • push notification for instant info about order status changes


  • Django-based cloud server, Apache httpd server
  • REST interface between app and server
  • Management backend for pharmacies
  • audible and visible alert for new or updated orders
  • data encryption (SSL, 256bit)

List of open orders in the pharmacy management backend

More information about callmyApo can be found on the product page at