Migration Management

Web application for the management of migrations of all kinds


Conception and development of a web based application to manage comprehensive migration projects, e.g.

  • Migrating all workstations of a large German bank from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Disincorporation of various departments of a large company; determination of necessary changes to the company IT
  • Migration of all workstations in a larger company to a terminal server based thin-client solution
  • and others


  • flexible and robust data import from heterogeneous sources and environments
  • calculation and graphical display of the project's status quo
  • hierarchical questionnaire for online surveys of all involved staff
  • automatic or semi-automatic analysis of survey answers
  • registration and resolution of dependencies
  • rollout planning: when to migrate what
  • user import; user profile pages; authentication and password management
  • mass mailer with user-editable templates
  • various user roles (e.g. super admin, manager, staff)
  • flexible, modular design for easy customization
  • Excel or CSV export
  • Audit trail; log initiator, time and what changed


  • Implementation in Python (Django)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (responsive design)
  • Hosted on customer's server
  • modular, plugin-based design for easy customization